About Fahud Desert

    Fahud Desert Trading Company, LLC. is a well-established, 100% Omani Owned Transportation Company. This company is also known as a Local Community Contractor. Although Water haulage is the main specialized service, we also have extensive experience in other activities like Cargo Haulage, Fuel Transport and Vacuum Tanker for Oil spillage, Handling Equipment services and earthmoving equipment’s etc.  We are keen to provide our services to your organization.

We have been in business since 1998, i.e over seventeen years of experience in water haulage and other various fields, providing a durable and remarkable service to all our customers. 

Fahud Desert Trading company is an extremely versatile company which has around 300 fleets consisting of Prime Movers, Flat bed trailers, Low bed trailers, Cranes, Winch Trucks, Fork Lifts, Tippers, Water tankers, Hiab, Boom Loader, Link Belt and many others..

Our aim in Fahud Desert Trading Company, LLC. is to provide customer’s services within 24 hours of their  call.  We are dedicated to meet their requirements and ensure that the job is completed on time to satisfy their needs. 

Our equipments operate under the safety regulations of the Petroleum Development of Oman and we have a valid permit to work in PDO sites.


Fahud Desert Trading Company offers very reasonable pricing and all our customers consider us to be the best in the industry!  

Our modern fleet with all the latest technology, combined with our people will always ensure that we deliver you what you want, on time and that it remains within your budget.

From our bases in Fahud, Quarnalam, Awifia, Haima, Nimr and Adam, we are well positioned to provide services on North and South of Oman.


Why choose us:

  • Young and reliable fleet.
  • Experienced staff dedicated to customer service.
  • Expertised knowledge.
  • Work well under pressure.
  • Understand your needs.

As we strive towards new excellence, we continue to be inspired by the visionary leadership of His Majesty, SULTAN QABOOS BIN SAID.


Our Vision Statement:

FAHUD DESERT TRADING COMPANY vision is to become the leading service provider of first CHOICE by enhancing the quality of services by delivering exceptional, customer focused services.


The Mission Statement:


Fahud Desert Trading will endeavor to exceed customer expectation by providing excellent service with competent and devoted staff. This will be achieved in consideration of effective and efficient operation with due regard for excellent records in Health, Safety and Environment.  To achieve the stated goals, Fahud Desert is committed to ensure a steady and firm development in all areas of the business. We shall be committed to put the best interests of our customers first and take great care of the trust that our customers put in us.

CHAIRMAN’s Message

chairman It gives me a great pleasure to introduce Fahud Desert Trading Company LLC (FDTC LLC), a Local Community Contractor with Petroleium Development Oman(PDO) involved in water haulage services in North and South of Oman. Apart from this, FDTC is involved in other Cargo transportation, Fuel, Handling Equipments, earthmoving and grader equipments. Our objective is to continue providing a high quality service to our customers by organising our resources effectively, In addition, the company is fully committed to Health Safety and Environment and demonstrates its commitment to the development and continual improvement of its effectiveness as per PDO standards. We look forward to your continued support.

Best regards
Sheik Ali Hilal Hamid Al Mahmoudi


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