OUR Policies

Quality is not an act but a habit in Fahud Desert Trading Company. We are committed to ensuring the quality in all its activities. Right from the foundation, Fahud Desert Trading Company has adopted the call for “Total Quality” and applied it  in all spheres of their business activities.  We ensure sustainable quality performance through the implementation and certification of effective Quality Management Systems compliant with ISO 9001:2008. This policy has positively impacted not only the management but also our various ranges of services we provide. Recent certification from PDO for 7 years of without LTI (Lost Time Incident) is a prime example for that.


In Fahud Desert Trading Company, we recognize our license to operate as a premium local community center must be earned through behavior that does not compromise the wellbeing of current or future generations. This responsible behavior is a key determinant of our long-term business success.  Fahud Desert shall adopt the globally acceptable standard practice and shall continually improve its Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) performances and shall take reasonable and practicable steps to eliminate or prevent the risk of fatality, injuries, property damage, occupational illness and negative environmental impact.


Fahud Desert Trading Company is committed to continual HSE improvement in its operations through active participation of our employees, contractors and the community. It shall take all reasonable measures at its disposal to protect the health and safety of its personnel as well as to protect the environment in which it operates.

The Company firmly believes that sound HSE performance is key to ensuring sustainable business and shall thus be considered as integral part in business decision making process.

As its policy objectives, Fahud Desert ensures to:

  • Observe and comply with all HSE statutory requirements within our area of operations;
  • Establish transparent HSE performance criteria and communicate them constructively internally and to interested parties.
  • Applying a systematic approach to HSE management to achieve continual HSE performance improvement including setting strict HSE objectives and performing regular audits and reviews.
  • Identify, evaluate and control the risks and impacts associated with our business activities.
  • Respond to employee and community concerns regarding the impact of our operations on the environment.
  • Encouraging the use of the best available technology to reduce the impact of our operations to the environment, particularly with regard to the efficient use of energy and materials, the minimization of waste and the prevention of pollution
  • Ensuring our personnel to be competent for their tasks and further providing HSE training and awareness programs to manage HSE risks.
  • Developing communication channels to ensure the HSE policy and its objectives are understood by all our personnel, contractors and customers, and to actively seek their input and feedback.


Furthermore, we encourage every employee to play a vital and responsible role in maintaining a safe and healthy workplace through:

  • Being involved in the workplace health and safety system.
  • Sticking to correct procedures and equipment.
  • Wearing protective clothing and equipment as and when required.
  • Reporting any pain or discomfort as soon as possible.
  • Ensuring all accidents and incidents are reported.
  • Helping new employees, trainees and visitors to the workplace understand the right safety procedures and why they exist.
  • Telling your manager immediately of any health and safety concerns.
  • Keeping the workplace tidy to minimize the risk of any trips and falls.

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